International Educational Collaboration Experts

AccessPath is dedicated to higher education services. Specializing in establishing joint academic programs between Chinese and foreign universities, these include programs for bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D, and other post-graduate degrees, as well as for pre-college and pre-master programs.
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ACCESSPATH is an important participant and promoter of new economy and international exchanges.

Professional Team

AccessPath's team consists of specialists in their fields, many of whom are experienced consultants accustomed to working with China's education authorities. Our consultants are comfortable navigating China's education market and are very familiar with the procedures and pitfalls of seeking approvals for joint programs. AccessPath's proficiency in the application process gives us a high degree of confidence when it comes to successfully implementing programs.


After years of practical experience running joint programs, AccessPath has formed a robust system that covers program initiation and approval, student admission, operation and management, and study abroad preparation. All of this is achieved while ensuring the steady development of AccessPath's various programs.


AccessPath has forged strategic relationships with leading Chinese universities and colleges across the country. This enables AccessPath to match overseas institutions’ strongest departments with those at Chinese institutions, leading to more frequent win-win solutions.


AccessPath's unique quality control system ensures that our joint programs are consistently high in quality. Our system has more than ten MoE teaching specialists conducting reviews on the schools, teachers, and students involved. The specialists offer constructive suggestions for program improvements, and schools that are struggling to meet the MoE criteria receive help from a review panel in order to ensure their success in the following year.

Helping institutions establishing international joint academic programs

AccessPath invites accredited foreign universities to engage in joint academic programs with Chinese universities that share a similar vision, passion, scale, and level of academic excellence. Foreign universities will benefit greatly from the joint programs. They will be able to expand their academic influence on Chinese universities and students, receive tuition every year from Chinese college students, and have the flexibility to give lectures on both Chinese campuses and local ones.
  • Professional expert team
  • Abundant resources and close relationships of Chinese universities
  • Rich project management experience
  • Excellent quality control system
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Provide high-quality services for international colleges and universities

AccessPath is committed to providing a well-rounded, high-quality service for domestic and overseas partner institutions. We do this by adhering to a student-centered and quality-first philosophy. Given China's education market, AccessPath is adept at designing collaboration proposals that best reflect the overseas partner institutions. The one-stop service outlined above is an important part of this approach.

Overview of Cooperation of AccessPath and international Universities

Joint Programs

Bachelor's degree, master's degree, and associate degree, and PhD programs.

Modes of Programs

2+2 / 3+1 for bachelor degrees, 3+2 for B.S. and master degrees, 1+1+1 / 1+1 for master degrees, and 3+2 for associate degree-to-B.S. degree programs.


Two credentials from the Chinese institution in collaboration with cooperating foreign universities.

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