Marketing, Brand Strategy and Positioning

AccessPath works with companies to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand in China.

Our Service - How it works

  • Examining corporate strategy, including the strengths and weaknesses of a company, evaluating present brand portfolio and strategy, and conducting brand assessments including trends in the market, customer strategy, and rival brand strategy analysis.
  • Improving global brand strategies and positioning
  • Building brand portfolio strategy and developing brand architecture
  • Designing brand management processes and brand management organization structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Defining brand KPIs and developing an integrated brand performance measurement system for monitoring and evaluating brand value
  • Developing brand identity program and providing the necessary training for synchronizing the organization and all business units with the brand’s ethos

Who We Work With

We support the creation of powerful brands with the services we provide to companies operating in the sectors where competition is growing continuously, where price and product-based competition is challenging, and when companies intend to enter new markets where customer expectations are high. We provide services to such companies and support the improvement of the brand perception on all levels.

Benefits of Our Services


We support our clients’ penetration, growth, and expansion in the Chinese market.


We help determine the structure that will enable products and services to reach target customers at the right time and under the best conditions.


We contribute to the transformation of a brand, sometimes taking a simple logo or visual element and creating a company’s most vital asset thereby, enabling a company to stand out from its competitors.


We help develop a strong brand promise so that customers prefer the company beyond the product. We also support the creation of consumer demand for the product instead of pushing products through sales channels.


We enable the building of channel structures that support growth and work hand-in-hand with corporate and brand strategy.


We support our clients in developing value propositions that enable them to differentiate themselves from their competitors, make sense to their customers and are in line with the company’s strengths.


We enable the transition from being product-focused to brand- and customer-focused, which then increases customer affinity.


We contribute to actualizing the brand at every step by creating coherency among different business units working towards a common vision.